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New born babies spend a large share of their daily hours sleeping. Baby cots are perfect to keep babies safe while sleeping. A baby cot is a reliable piece of furniture which is designed to increase your babies comfort and security.

There are a variety of different baby cots and accessories to choose from including Cot Beds, Travel Cots, Cot Mattresses and Cot Bumpers. Please explore to find and compare cots and accessories that meets your requirements.

Cots are typically designed to suit bedrooms of all sizes and interior decorating styles, either contemporary or conservative. Simple baby cots are usually suitable for up to eighteen to twenty-four months of age. However, if you are thinking of investing in 5 product to use for years to come, you can also opt for a cot bed, which can be easily turned into a bed for your growing child. Moreover, some cot beds can be transformed into junior beds, sofas/ daybeds and at a later time in your child's life, single beds. That versatility will definitely prove advantageous and more economical in the future.

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Unlike some products designed to accommodate babies during their first few months, commonly known as Moses baskets, which can easily tip over, baby cots are very sturdy and will remain stable regardless of baby's movements. They are made from high quality timber, such as teak, oak, pine or cherry. The bars on their frames are carefully positioned at a safe distance from each other, averting accidents such as the entrapment of baby's heads and limbs. Most baby cots nowadays will feature an adjustable base (the norm is two or three positions) so you can adapt its height to your baby's needs, and some cots also come with a drop side, which makes it easier for parents to put their babies to sleep, pick them up again and change the bedding. However, it is by far more common for cot beds to come with this feature, compared to cots.

With regards to their appearance, most cots come in a classic style, which fits perfectly into any type of setting. Antique models are also available (for instance, cots with a few Victorian features). The cot frame and rails come with two types of finishes, namely lacquer, preserving the original colour of the timber, or paint, which comes in age-appropriate colours such as white, ivory on pastels (most frequently, light blue for boys and light pink for girls).

When you purchase a baby cot, a few options are available, depending on your preferences and requirements. You can either acquire a simple cot and add the mattress and bedding yourself, or purchase it with a mattress or complete with a mattress and bedding. You also have two options regarding the mattress, which can be sprung or come with foam filling. Also, some retailers offer complete packs including all of the above plus additional accessories such as a bumper set, a quilt etc.